About Driveways

Driveways are a variety of styles and can be anything from small spaces to park cars on or longer private road accesses to properties set back from the road; commonly used as paths to private garages, carports or houses. Driveways are generally created from materials such as concrete, decorative brick, cobblestone, block paving, asphalt and gravel.

Sometimes used a divisions between properties, a drive can be a simple solution at splitting two properties land. Offering a great solution to both parking and access problems, depending on the materials they can last for years and usually need very little maintenance to keep them looking great. Size and shape of driveways can vary, but can easily be fitted into any space. Designed for mainly as a parking solutions, some homes simply have them for show and to add value to their home.

How to choose the right driveway

Although choosing a driveway fro your home may seem like an easy job it isn’t when it comes to choosing a driveways they’re lots of things to consider. From cost, to length, to usage it’s important to consider all factors to get the best drive for your needs, from block paving for a smaller and stylish look to tarmac or concrete for commercial, heavy usage or long length driveways.

People who are looking at a long term parking solutions for their own driveways are usually best off looking at block paving or decorative patterned driveways for their home. Although usually a more expensive option than other alternatives but they do provide both a great look and high quality finish and if your going to be looking at it for a long time then it’s best to invest to a product you’ll be happy with. Concrete and Tarmac driveway options create a more cost effective solution, they are solid in built, low maintenance and look great, making them ideal for anyone looking for a quick solution, partition for a home or multi use drive.

JL Driveways Driveway

JL Driveways Driveway

Different types of driveways

They’re many different types of drive materials available to choose from the most popular options tend to be block paving, tarmac and concrete. All options offer a solid build and are designed to both look great while providing a durable and long lasting drive. When it comes to choosing the material of choice, consider cost, usage, how long you plan to be at the property for and most importantly the reason for the driveway.

Block Paving

When it comes to driveways, block paving is one of the most popular options, with a range of designs, colours and patterns to choose from the options are endless with the block paved option. With their design and creation process they’re best used for short or smaller drives and people looking for a stylish solution. The method of paving involves laying the blocks in a method that create a simple clean look or a stylish and intricate pattern. With a range of colour options to choose from they can be made into a range of patterns and the options are pretty endless. One of the added benefits of using blocks is that if the drive becomes damaged then the individual bricks can be easily replaced without needing to replace the whole drive.


When it comes to needing a quick and cost effective driveway solution that looks great at the same time then tarmac is the best option. With a quick and easy installation process, that’s easy to lay and can be blended and edged with other materials. Tarmac doesn’t just offer a great look but it offers one of the most durable, strong and long lasting materials and with added weather resistance there’s no need to worry about it fading either; meaning it maintains the same great look all year around.


Concrete or imprinted the choice is yours, with the option for the classic concrete look and finish or with the new and ever popular imprinted option becoming a firm favourite, concrete truly has developed over the years. Made to last for years, it offers a wonderful look with a highly durable and low maintenance service; with no where for those pesky weeds to grow.

Who installs driveways?

When it comes to driveway installation it’s important to call in the specialists, although you could try installing one yourself, for the money you spend it’s important to get it right the first time as it’s going to hard to change once it’s done. By choosing a driveways specialist they will work with you to help you choose the right drive for your home and one that best meets your requirements and when they undertake the work they will ensure that it is carried out to the highest possible standards. When considering using a company always look at what their customers say about them, this will help you to understand whats involved in the process and the standard of work they offer.

Do I need a new driveway?

Driveways are a big decision that’s why it’s important to consider everything when finalising your decision. When it comes to deciding consider if you own or rent the home, with a cost involved would you really want to pay for a drive on a home you only rent?

If you don’t have time to keep cleaning a drive them consider an option like concrete or tarmac due to their easy maintenance, where as for something a little bit more stylish or an option your wanting to impress people with then consider a block paved option. Take into account your budget, size and what you need the drive for to get the best option for your requirements.

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